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Fabio Kallas, (Santurce, PR, 1982)

In 2000 after graduating from High School he started studying Visual Arts concentrating in Photography at the University of Puerto Rico in Río Piedras. He currently lives and works in Berlin where he divides his time exploring with drawing, painting, video art and photography. He uses drawing as an aesthetic medium to present situations in which ambiguities of the human existence are implicit. His drawings and paintings are combined with a sense of ambivalence pattern method, realism and unreality are usually merge in his art, which is also based on a metaphorical confrontation between life and dreams. Fabio Kallas tries to challenge fanciful perceptions with a playful irony in his work. One of his projects include a series of ink and charcoal drawings where he deals with the poetical use of collective solitude and the rare individual displacement. Besides, he also still works with black and white film in his city photographs. Conceptualizing images by this way he try explores the emptiness connections between people and its surroundings where real creation takes place. Recently, he is working on his next exhibition in Hamburg, Germany.