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Isolina Limonta
Sin título // Untitled
Intaglio sobre papel // Intaglio on paper
8 ½” x 8 5/8”
Ed. 8/11

Limonta, Isolina. 0668
Limonta, Isolina. 0668

Isolina Limonta, (Guantánamo, Cuba, 1956)

Printmaker. Works at the Experimental Graphics' Workshop in Havana, Cuba. Born in Guantánamo in 1956, now residing in Havana, printmaker Isolina Limonta is one of Cuba's most prolific and successful artists of her generation. Her work has been applauded for its stunningly rich colors and textures, in addition to the underlying deeper social observations. Her printmaking reflects a strong influence by the traditional religion of Afro-Cuba, Santeria. The bodies of the figures in her work are filled with the intimate elements of their lives — plants, coins, feathers, architecture, lace, or buttons (to name a few) are imprinted on their bodies.