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Gabriel Piovanetti y Luis Díaz
34” x 23”
Cartel 2nda Trienal Poligráfica ICP

Piovanetti, Gabriel y Diaz, Luis.1746
Piovanetti, Gabriel y Diaz, Luis.1746

Gabriel Piovanetti-Ferrer

Architect, image-maker and wanderer. A London-based Puerto Rican whose project is global, Piovanetti’s roving lens is that of a nomad whose unique perspective forces the viewer to recalibrate their own take on the world. In our increasingly interconnected digital lives, believing that less is more, studiopiovanetti is an analogue space where we can slow down for a while, and take stock. Piovanetti works in film, most often with a Rolleiflex, and with every exposure reminds us of the power of classical forms to interpret current realities.