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Tristán Reyes Alvarado
Memoria // Memory
Fotografía // Photograph
16” x 20”
Ed. 1/5

Reyes, Tristán.1573
Reyes, Tristán.1573

Tristán Reyes, (San Juan, PR, 1974)

Tristán Reyes received a BA in Psychology from the University of Puerto Rico in 1996. Reyes creates large scale color photographs that mimic the raw immediacy of photojournalism. His detailed craftsmanship and subversive use of subject matter in urban vistas, architecture, social situations and marginal characters, serve to canalize his own psychological dilemmas. Reyes is considered one of the Puerto Rico's foremost music photographers. His images of seedy bars, electronica DJ's, jazz divas and moody post-rock auteurs have been featured in magazines, album covers and other conspicuous forms of propaganda.

Recent exhibitions include: Human Geography, Art Museum of the Americas, Washington, DC (2009); Papel/Ciudad: escenas citadinas, relatos verídicos y fantásticos at Museo de Arte de Caguas, PR (2008); Photo Miami Art Fair, with Galería 356, (2007); and a special project "Juxtaposition" for Circa Art Fair, San Juan (2007). Reyes has been the recipient of the distinguished FIAP prize on two occasions and his work is included in the Permanent Collection of the Museum of Latin American Arts (MoLAA), and the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico (MAPR).