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Ricardo Mate
Sin título // Untitled
11" x 17"

Maté, Ricardo. 2028
Maté, Ricardo. 2028

Ricardo J. Mate Cabrera (PR, 1969)

1969-1976 - traveled/lived in several countries
1976-1984 - San José, Costa Rica, attended La Salle Highschool
1984-1988 - Sto Dgo. Dominican Republic, attended San Judas Tadeo Highschool, and graduated from Carol Morgan School in 1988.
1988-1991 - Istambul / Ankara, Turkey, Attended Bilkent University, Graphic Design Department in 1991 transferred to Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) Where he continue his studies on Graphic Design, Graduated from RISD in 1995 with a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) and A BGD (Bachelor of Graphic Design)
1995 - moved back to Puerto Rico where he has been developing his artwork while working as a Graphic Designer.

Influence by the Street Art Movement; since 2007 Cabrera started the "Papavish OM Levinar" Sticker
Campaign, which consist of several installations of sticker all over San Juan and Rio Piedras (Puerto Rico), and documenting the whole process. Cabrera is also interested in photography, videography, film
and has been documenting the Street Art Scene in Puerto Rico, for the past 7 years.