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Martin Barooshian
Great White Heron
Colografía, gofrado, lino grabado sobre papel // Collograph, goffering and linoprint on paper
15” x 12 ½”
c. 1960- 1970
Ed. 85/120

Barooshian, Martin.186
Barooshian, Martin.186

Martin Barooshian, (Massachusetts, EEUU, 1929)

Princer, painter, teacher and innovator. Often known for his surrealism and graphics. Over 50 years of intense work have lead down a path of mystery, humor, eroticism, lyricism, line, and color, and into the depths of the subconscious mind. The work is intended to invite the viewer to acquire a contemplative spirit and peer into an unpredictable world filled with life-affirming surrealist fantasies and joyous abstract design.

A leading contemporary American printmaker, Martin Barooshian studied art at the School of the Boston Museum and at Tufts University. In 1956 he concluded his printmaking studies in Paris, under Stanley William Hayter and G. Dorfinant. Since 1950 the artist has published a fine oeuvre of creative etchings with strong elements of surrealism and mythological imagery.

Martin Barooshian's etchings have now been exhibited worldwide. Today his art is included in such major international collections as the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art, New York, the New British Museum of American Art, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Library of Congress, Washington, DC, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, IBM Corporation, Xerox Corporation and the Museum of Modern Art, New Delhi, India. Barooshian is a member of Boston Printmakers and the Philadelphia Print Club. He also served as President of the Society of American Graphic Artists.