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Papo Colo, Marcos Dimas, José Morales y Néstor Otero
Libro de artista
Vol. 4, 100 páginas
5" x 4"
1ra edición

Papo Colo
Concierto Manifiesto en dibujos y signos, 1978
Lost and Gained Paradise, Exit Art, 1982

Marcos Dimas
From the Codice, volumes I, II, III, 1970-80

José Morales
Sin título, 1984

Néstor Otero
Mistaken Identity. segundos, 1984

Varios (Colo, Dimas, Morales y Otero). 570
Varios (Colo, Dimas, Morales y Otero). 570

Papo Colo, Marcos Dimas, José Morales, and Néstor Otero play in this book with images and words improvising a dialogue in which the readers can participate. These four artists are drawing mainly from their sketchbook notes, drawings, and poems to provide us with an insight into their process, their ideas, their approach to art.

-Petra Barreras (Book Introduction fragment)

Néstor Otero (1948 Caguas, P.R.)

Papo Colo (1947 San Juan, P.R.)

Marcos Dimas (1943, Cabo Rojo, P.R.)

José Morales (1947 Nueva York, E.U.)

The book was published as part of the exhibition "Cuarteto", a collective show at the Hostos Community College (New York), coordinated by Nestor Otero, who also produced and published the book with the sponsorship of the Hostos Community College Advisory Council and funds from the Department of Cultural Affairs (New York City).